"Procedural narrative driven by Artificial Intelligence"

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About Us

Our vision is to provide a fun environment where people from all over the world can come to get an irreverent take on anything they find meaningful.

Our First Game: TellaTello

"Turns Fairy Tales Upside Down"

A fresh take on storytelling, with engaging plot and character crossovers.

Our Entertainment Value

Mature Tone

We offer more refined fun than the episodic storytelling aimed at the teenage market.

Choose your own Adventure

A True Gaming Experience With Exciting Gameplay.

Win Recognition

Real-time Social Interaction.

Serialized Content

Series is becoming the dominant format for entertainment apps. We combine serialized content with a strong social engagement.

Our Target Audience

We repackage any quality content into an interactive game, using a cheeky tone as the social trigger.

Our main target is the “Mature”(M) worldwide audience, who is accustomed to engaging in intelligent content through social media.

Our secondary target is “Everyone” (E, E10+), that is accessing some form of serial content daily, from cartoons to TV series.


The InsolentGames platform combines the most advanced AI and NLP/NLG technologies (Patents pending) to adjust the game mechanisms in real-time.

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